Our Mission

To advance children’s literacy skills using an engaging curriculum, certified dogs, and dedicated volunteers.

Our Impact

SitStayRead participants developed fluency at a rate 47.8% greater than their peers.

In 2013 we partnered with the Department of School Psychology at Loyola University Chicago to create an evaluation tool that measured student achievement in reading fluency and comprehension. The evaluation also included components of the Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills (DIBELS) and a survey measuring attitude towards reading and learning. The study found that students in SitStayRead developed fluency at a rate 47.8% greater than their non-participating peers.

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What People Say

  • SitStayRead allows students to feel special. It allows them to forget, if only for a hour, the realities outside their classroom.
    — Erica Rodriguez, Teacher
  • SitStayRead dogs make me feel happy and excited. When I come to visit them, they are nice, sweet and kind.
    — Joshua Thomas, Student
  • Children give up on learning because society and family expect the worst. In walk the dogs and the insurmountable obstacles disappear.
    — Kara Severson, Volunteer
  • I get to write my own story. I get to write how I want to write. If it's wrong or if it's not wrong, it don't matter 'cause it's my book.
    — Second Grade Student


SitStayRead  prides itself in accountability. We use your gifts responsibly.

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