Reading Rewards Celebrations


Our end of the year celebrations are underway and we can't wait to give our students hard earned rewards for their reading! This incentivized program encourages independent reading throughout the entire school year.  Each classroom is provided with a SitStayRead “KEEP READING!” poster.  Throughout the year, students fill out a book reports to receive recognition on the poster and to earn fun reading and writing supplies. Whenever SitStayRead volunteers visit the classroom, they check the poster and remind the kids to, “KEEP READING!”  At the end of the school year, SitStayRead hosts a Reading Rewards Celebration at the school, bringing together all SitStayRead participants.  At the celebration, each student receives a backpack filled with reading and writing supplies for the summer.  To encourage summer reading, they also are able to choose a brand new book to keep for themselves and a brand new book to pass along to a younger reader.