Beer & Cheese: A Love Story

Wow! What a great time!

Despite the fact that it was a Monday night … despite the fact that there were thunderstorms and flood warnings … despite the fact that we were competing against a Cubs/Red Sox game, a White Sox/Blue Jays game, and the World Cup … cheesemonger Giles Schnierle played to a packed house at the Lagunitas TapRoom on June 30 at our fund-raising tasting event, Beer & Cheese: A Love Story!

Chicago’s new Lagunitas Brewery opened up their TapRoom to us, donating the space, the staff, and the beer for our three-hour event. (And if you’ve only ever had the beer, it’s worth knowing that the staff and the space are just as good as the beer!)

Giles and his crew from the Great American Cheese Collection provided five cheeses paired with Lagunitas’s ales. The combinations were:

Lagunitas Pils with Wild Rice Gouda Little Sumpin’ Sumpin’ with Creamy Sexy Blue Lagunitas Pale Ale with Cubedu Lagunitas IPA with Cottonwood Maximus with Cowda

Then they provided a sixth cheese, Mihdora, and after a 60-minute lesson in beer-and-cheese pairings, invited the crowd to choose the beer they felt paired best with that sixth cheese.

It was delicious fun, and we raised a whole lot of money for SitStayRead!

Thanks to Karen, Lindsay, Nick, Holly, Kelly, Justin, and the whole crew from Lagunitas; to Giles, Robin, Leslie, Patrick, Rosalie at the Great American Cheese Collection; to Mustard lady, Rachel, from Local Folks Foods; and to the ever-faithful SitStayRead volunteers Mallory, Kat, Tim, Marcello, and Jill!

If you liked the beer, you can find it almost everywhere beer is sold in Chicago! If you liked the cheese, you can order online at Artizone or sign up for Great American Cheese Collection's email list to find out about their next warehouse sale!

If you were there, thanks! And if you weren’t, we’ll hope to see you next time ... at Beer & Steak: A One-Night Stand!