Bob Rohrman Auto Group and WGN-TV gave us a van!

WGN-TV’s “Chicago’s Very Own Helping Hand” will be choosing four different Chicagoland non-profits to profile throughout the year, recognizing them for their contributions. This year, Bob Rohrman Auto Group’s 15 Chicagoland dealerships will lend a hand by awarding these deserving organizations with a Pre-Owned Minivan. And the very first recipient of this honor was ... SitStayRead! We could not be more happy! We often hear from potential volunteers who want to help us connect certified reading-assistance dogs with struggling young readers ... but they have no means of transportation. Now, with our new Rohrman Racer, we have the means to get those volunteers and their dogs to those classroom.

Thank you, WGN-TV and Bob Rohrman Auto Group! If you want to watch the on-air awarding of the van, click here. And if you know another non-profit that would benefit from a free van, go nominate them!