Dedicating this year to YOU!

Help make an impact before 2018 ends!

J’Shawn - Second grader at Carver School in Altgeld Gardens.

J’Shawn - Second grader at Carver School in Altgeld Gardens.

Who would you dedicate your book to?

I dedicate this book to SitStayRead because they teach me more about dogs. [...] They help me to read. They are my best friend. They never let me down. Author: J’Shawn

SitStayRead helps students become bold readers and expressive writers. Because of your support, thousands of children like J’Shawn are becoming confident authors and creating their own published books filled with heartwarming dedications and inventive stories.

On behalf of the SitStayRead students we serve, we dedicate 2018 to YOU!

In 2017-18, we unveiled new projects and programs, including a Kindergarten program for our youngest audience. We also published a book written in collaboration with Chicago students, for students, titled Not Today, Aliens!

We brought our innovative programs to 86 classrooms in 17 Chicago Public Schools at no cost to the schools or parents. Because of your generosity, last school year 2,694 students in public schools and community centers received critical literacy support.

As we look to the future, we need your help continuing this groundbreaking growth with a donation before 2018 ends.

Currently, our impactful literacy programming reaches only 3% of Chicago Public students that qualify for our services. With your support this year, we can reach more students in economically fragile communities across Chicago.

Whether $5, $50, $500, or $5,000, every dollar helps make dedications like J’Shawn’s possible for thousands of young SitStayRead authors and allows them to receive the literacy support they need to keep reading and writing!

Please dedicate your dollars to SitStayRead before 2018 ends to help more authors like J’Shawn.

Yours in service,


Mara O’Brien

Executive Director, SitStayRead