Dedicating this year to: Four-Legged Listeners

Inspiring confidence, one paw at a time!

88 Certified Reading Assistance Dogs

718 hours in the classroom

Unlimited love

Last school year, 88 Certified Reading Assistance Dogs visited 86 Chicago Public School classrooms and inspired thousands of young readers.

We dedicate 2018 to them.

Equipped with blankets, treats, and books, the pups gave each student all ears (176 to be exact!) and helped inspire them. They’re not only great listeners - Certified Reading Assistance Dogs also develop a bond with students, often being featured in stories or book dedications like Buddy was in the picture to the left!

Because of the generosity of donors, SitStayRead is able to bring caring dogs into classrooms every year, giving each student an individualized reading experience with a Certified Reading Assistance Dog and the introduction of a bond that can last a lifetime.

That student-dog bond is made possible by you.

Take a look at the pictures below of some of the dogs at work. Those smiles from both students and dogs are made possible by generous supporters. Please consider making a gift to continue to bring more Certified Reading Assistance Dogs in the classrooms.

I have seen firsthand just how special the connection is between kids and dogs. They bond in a very special way and magic happens: creativity, learning and confidence all grow and self esteem builds. Relationships are forged and kids that once feared dogs now want only to lay on them for hugs and kisses. Unconditional love at its best, which is the best foundation for learning. SitStayRead provides all this and more.
— Betsy Segal, Volunteer