Partner Schools for 2013-14!

We're excited to announce our partner schools for this school year! This time around we're reaching out to even more at-risk children in low-income neighborhoods; 1,950 to be exact.  In order for schools to qualify to receive SitStayRead's free school programming, 90% of its students must be living in poverty with 60%  of third grade students reading below grade level. We serve children who need our help the most, and they deserve the opportunity to have our program.

  • Bond Elementary - Englewood
  • Brunson Elementary - Austin
  • Cameron Elementary - Humbodt Park
  • Faraday Elementary - Garfield Park
  • Gale Academy - Rogers Park
  • Hendricks Academy - Canaryville
  • Hughes Elementary - Lawndale
  • Lowell School - Humboldt Park
  • Manierre Elementary - Old Town
  • Marquette Elementary - Englewood
  • Melody Elementary - Garfield Park
  • National Teacher's Academy - Chinatown
  • Sumner Academy - Lawndale

Want to get involved? You'll be helping  students with their reading and writing skills, and making an impact on a child's life.  Click here to find out how to volunteer!