Our Partner Schools

SitStayRead programs are provided at no cost to the partner school or parent. To ensure that our resources are going where they are most needed, it is important to us that schools seeking partnership with SitStayRead meet certain criteria. SitStayRead partners with schools where third graders score below the national average in reading and where the school is serving an economically fragile community. These criteria confirm that we are providing critical reading and writing help to those who are most in need.

If your think your school may meet our criteria, reach out to us at info@sitstayread.org.


List of Partner Schools

Octavio Paz Elementary, an Acero School

2651 W. 23rd St. Chicago, IL 60608 | see map


Milton R. Brunson Math and Science Specialty School

932 N Central Ave Chicago IL 60651 | see map


Daniel R Cameron Elementary School

1234 N. Monticello Ave. Chicago IL 6065 | see map


Carver Primary School

901 E. 133rd Place Chicago IL 60827 | see map


Michael Faraday Elementary School

3250 West Monroe Street Chicago IL 60624 | see map


Fuller School of Excellence

4214 S St Lawrence Avenue Chicago IL 60653 | see map


Fulton Elementary School

5300 S Hermitage Avenue Chicago IL 60609 | see map


Funston Elementary School

2010 N Central Park Avenue Chicago IL 60647 | see map


Gale Community Academy

1631 W Jonquil Terrace Chicago IL 60626 | see map


John H. Hamline Elementary School

4747 S Bishop Street Chicago IL 60609 | see map


Hendricks Community Academy

4316 S Princeton Ave Chicago IL 60609 | see map


Henry O. Tanner Elementary School

7350 S. Evans Ave., Chicago, IL 60619 | see map


Charles Evans Hughes Elementary School

4247 W 15th St. Chicago IL 60623 | see map


James Russell Lowell Elementary School

3320 W Hirsch St. Chicago IL 60651 | see map


Manierre Elementary School

1420 N Hudson Ave Chicago IL 60610 | see map


Marquette School of Excellence

6550 S Richmond St Chicago IL 60629 | see map


Genevieve Melody Elementary School

3937 W Wilcox St Chicago IL 60624 | see map


National Teachers Academy

55 W Cermak Rd Chicago IL 60616 | see map