In Loving Memory of Juli Roenfeldt

Juli was a dedicated teacher working in Chicago for CPS and most recently in Wichita Falls, Texas.  Her focus was on literacy for elementary and middle school children, focusing many hours working with troubled children to give them the extra attention they needed to succeed. 

When not working, Juli enjoyed spending time with her dear dog, Ethel.  She also spent many hours trying to identify new, fun and innovated ways to get children excited about learning. She was always focused on finding ways to keep all children engaged so no one was left behind. 


Contributors: Linda & Dick Mintz, Martha Louka, Rachelle Wohler, Rachel Lewis, Alan Rutkoff, Cynthia Bogucki, Mark Yeager, David Marx Jr., Susan Harris, Chris Nemeth, Bill Schuman, Sue Pennington, Anne Feferman