In Loving Memory of Lucy

Certified Reading Assistance Dog, Lucy.

Certified Reading Assistance Dog, Lucy.

"There are two things we will always remember about Lucy.

First, she was the perfect hostess. When you arrived at the Shomaker household, she would graciously present you with one of her toys.

Second, she was the perfect SitStayRead dog. She LOVED the kids and they loved her. She will always be fondly remembered. Thank you for sharing her with us and SitStayRead."

-Her good friend, MK

Lucy was a beloved Certified Reading Assistance Dog who made an impact on many students' lives for over seven years. One of our longest-serving Certified Reading Assistance Dogs, Lucy was loved by any classroom she was in, and was known well at her favorite schools, Lowell Elementary and NTA. 

Thank you to Ms. Barbara for sharing her with so many struggling readers and writers over the years. She will be missed by many.

Contributors: MK Czerwiec, James & Doug Fitzmaurice/GeBraad, Jarmila Zemla, Marie Giese, Nancy and Clark Gilpin, Mel and Janet Smith, Philip Dortch, Sarah Murphy, Allie Williams & Jack.