In Loving Memory of Hank

Periyanna working with Ben and Hank 2.jpg
Madison and Mina Write Stories with Ben and Hank at KPMG.JPG

We are deeply saddened by the passing of a beloved Certified Reading Assistance Dog, Hank. 

For five years, Hank has been joining his owner, Ben, in the classrooms, helping students become confident readers with his huge smile and calm presence. Kids loved reading to Hank and petting his belly while they did it! Hank made so many students who were once afraid of dogs, especially big dogs, come around to see that they are just gentle giants. Smiles would erupt and excitment was felt in any classroom he walked into. He helped hundreds of kids become confident readers and writers during his time with us, and we are so incredibly thankful to his owner, Ben, for sharing him with so many. We will miss you, Hank!

Contributors: Carlyn Gilbert, Allie & Jack Williams, Andy & Chief Rachmiel, Kelly Rosik