In Loving Memory of Stephen Hamburg

We are saddened to hear of the passing of Stephen Hamburg, a beloved father and grandfather and supporter of SitStayRead since 2009.

Stephen “Stevie” was a very generous and kind man who was a true “south sider.” He owned and operated the shoe store East Side Bootery in Chicago and was known as "HAM" while a Soybean Oil trader at the Chicago Board of Trade. Steve was a crazy White Sox Fan and equally crazy Cubbie hater.

Stevie will be missed by many, and his support of SitStayRead throughout the past ten years have made a huge impact on the lives of the thousands of students we have served.

Contributors: Scott Hamburg, Roberto Puig, Kathy Prezas, Michelle Rapaport, The Finkel Family, Melva and Sanford Klein, Sharon and Phillip Brunstein