Volunteer With Us

Volunteers are essential to the SitStayRead Program. Whether you’d like to volunteer solo, with your dog, or with a group, we have many opportunities for you to make a difference!


You don't need to have a dog to volunteer! We need human volunteers as well, which we call Book Buddies.

Book Buddies work with a small group of students at a table on different reading and writing activities during the hour-long program.

All prospective Book Buddies need to attend a Volunteer Orientation and pass a CPS Background Check.

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Would you like to make a difference for an hour a week? Apply to be a Book Buddy today!

With My Dog

Dog Team volunteer Ms. Lisa and her Certified Reading Assistance Dog Allie listen to second-grade student Inez read one of her stories out loud. (J. Sall)

Human handler plus their owned dog make up our Dog Teams! Dog Teams participate in the program by meeting with students in the classroom individually or in pairs during the hour-long session.

All prospective Dog Team handlers need to attend  a Volunteer Orientation and Dog Team Info Session and pass a CPS Background Check in order to sign up their dog for the Dog Team Test. Handlers also need to participate as a Book Buddy before entering the classroom as a Dog Team.

To find out what we look for in our Certified Reading Assistance Dogs, click here!

Would you like to make a difference for an hour a week with your pup? Apply to be a Dog Team today!

With a Group

A group of volunteers get together after a successful Keep Reading Celebration

Give back to the community with your group!

We have several options for your team to get involved with SitStayRead in or out of the classroom!