CPS Volunteer Application Instructions for SitStayRead Volunteers

A CPS Background Check is necessary for all SitStayRead volunteers to complete before entering the classroom and to be approved for volunteering. Please click below for the link to the CPS Volunteer Application Form and the Instructional Guide you'll need to fill out the Form! This Form will take less than five minutes to fill out and is very quick & easy!

What if I've had my fingerprints done for SitStayRead in years past?

As of Jan. 1, 2018, all fingerprints done for CPS/SitStayRead volunteering have expired. But not to worry! Your background check information is still on file, and you will not need to fill out the CPS Volunteer Application (above) or get re-fingerprinted. You're all set and ready to go!

If I've had a background check done on me before, do I still have to fill this out?

Yes! CPS requires their own background check to be completed for volunteers, so you will need to fill out this short form. This information does not get shared, so this background check will only apply towards your volunteering with SitStayRead. 

Does this cost money to fill out?

Nope! And even better, it takes less than five minutes to complete!

I still have questions.

Great! Email the Volunteer Coordinator and we'll help you out!