Is your team looking to get involved with SitStayRead? We’d love for you to join us in & out of the classroom! We have three great options for Corporations/Groups to get involved and make an impact on the community.

If you’re interested in participating in one or more of our Group Volunteer Opportunities, please email the Volunteer Coordinator at

Suggested donations could help cover the costs of each associated opportunity, and are not limited to materials and administrative costs. If you’d like to find out more about sponsorship opportunities for branded materials given to students, please email the Volunteer Coordinator.  

A SitStayRead volunteer helping a student craft their story

Book Presentation Day

Group Size: 1-6 People

Location: In a SitStayRead Program in a CPS Partner School

Length of Opportunity: 1 hour during the school day

Availability: Mid December and Mid-Late March

Suggested Minimum Donation: $500 

Join SitStayRead in the classroom as we celebrate the last day for the students in our programs! On this last day, students receive their bound books they’ve worked on for weeks, and we celebrate them as Published SitStayRead Authors! Groups that volunteer on this day will engage with the students and help them with their last story they write into their book. They will shadow current volunteers, help students with writing their stories, and get to take part in the hour-long fun!

Volunteers at National Teacher's Academy - Keep Reading Celebration

Keep Reading Celebrations

Group Size: 6-12 People, pending space & size of Celebration

Location: In a CPS Partner School

Length of Opportunity: 1.5 hours during the school day

Availability: June

Suggested Donation:

  • $250 could support 1 classroom
  • $500 could support 2 classrooms
  • $1,000 could support 4 classrooms
  • $5,000 could support an entire school’s Keep Reading Celebration

Our Keep Reading Celebrations are when we bring all students who participated in SitStayRead in the Fall, Winter and Spring program sessions together in the gym or auditorium and we celebrate all their hard work they did throughout the school year into a hour-long, fun, Keep Reading Celebration! At these Celebrations, the students get to go home with a Summer Reading Fun Pack, which is a bag that is full of brand new reading and writing supplies (pencils, crayons, notebook, erasers, bookmark, etc.), a new SitStayRead t-shirt, and up to five brand new books that every single student gets to take home! Groups that volunteer at these events work at different stations we have set up, handing out books, Summer Reading Fun Packs, t-shirts, or other things, and also engage with the students by reading their new books with them!

This is a great one-time opportunity for larger groups who wish to interact with the students we serve. Sponsorship Opportunities for branded materials going to students (bags, shirts, etc.) available.

A student with their Encouragement Card

Encouragement Card Crafting

Group Size: 6-25 People, pending available space

Location: SitStayRead Office or location of your choosing

Length of Opportunity: 1.5 hours during the day

Availability: August - May

Suggested Donation: $100

With this one-time opportunity, a larger group can help SitStayRead by making Encouragement Cards, which are all small, individualized, and personal notes for each student that we serve that will go into their Summer Reading Fun Packs they get at the end of the year! These notes say things on them like "Keep Reading All Summer Long!" or "I am so proud of all the hard work you did!" - basic encouragements to keep their confidence up and to encourage them to read and write all summer long! In their Summer Reading Fun Packs, they get brand-new reading and writing supplies, as well as up to five brand new books to take home! With all of those goodies, these Encouragement Cards are often their most favorite item!

This is a great one-time opportunity for larger groups who wish to make an impact but may not be able to volunteer in December, March or June.

Other Ways To Help

Book Drive

Host a book drive at your office for SitStayRead! We always accept brand-new books to give to students we serve, or used books to give to teachers and families in the community. To get a sense of what we need for our programs, check out our Amazon Wishlist.


Jean Day

Does your office participate in a Jean Day, with donations going to an organization of your choice? Pick SitStayRead as your next Jean Day recipient!


Any other ideas? Email us your thoughts!